A Thought in a Train Passenger Car

I lean against the window, look out at the passing scene

The countless paintings that frame my eyes

Feel you next to me, so glad to know you’re there

That I’m not the only one in awe of a breath of air

Of life in a pair of lungs

And the way everything retracts and expands in order to go forward


I turn and look into your eyes, see something in them that tells me

I’ll never retract from your touch, or from those eyes

As they lock into mine and see my tattered insides

That we’ll see the world and everything in it, yet never be scared

‘Cause if fear tries to dig into our skin, we’ll just grasp hands dear,

and nothing will come between us

The Man Who Could Do Anything

He just knew it

He could do anything

As he looked out at the world

A microscopic speck

For God, or Satan, to flick

A flick of a butterfly

That could lead to the man’s promise

Or demise

I can do anything

He knew it

His mind was a world of its own

Landmasses with roots

That ran to his heart

And eggs waiting to be hatched

With a neutron’s spark


He shuddered at the thought

For it could do anything

Which terrified him

Fisher of Dreams

A little boy dreams of many things


Traversing space, not as an astronaut, but as a cosmic pirate in his interstellar ship


Putting on a costume to become a three foot fighter of justice, looking to take down the villain who took his lunch money


Reaching into the TV screen and joining the mystery team as they uncover the latest criminal underneath the mask


And the craziest of all, chipping away at barren rock with delicate hands, as something—once alive—begins to emerge, a relative of birds who ruled the Earth long before we did


Yes, a boy dreams of many things


Yet why, as this boy grows into a man, does he stop dreaming?


As crazy as dreams like these sound, they’re real! They exist!

They lie in the sea of dreams, but too often sink to the bottom to waste

And even though it’s still possible to plunge in and reach them

Most never do, for fear of being crushed by the pressure


Never tell yourself that it’s too late for your dream

‘Cause all you need is another dream

One in which you are a fisher of dreams

With a rod that can reach any sea, no matter where it’s cast

You’ll craft it out of your own spine, make it strong and steady with the passion that shoots out from your mind

The comets that turn into stars that form your Universe


With the weight of the Universe inside, you can reel in any dream, no matter how big it is


Jesus said be fishers of men

Well I say be fishers of dreams!


Now, I’m no savior, but hear me out

As a man fishing for the dreams left in the sea within a boys brown eyes

art by Cameron Gray, check out the link for more!

A Very Annoying Love Triangle, and Other Thoughts Over Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

tumblr_nfiqspiD591qz8vumo2_500There was a large gap between me reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Which I blame on no stores ever having a paperback version of the latter! Seriously, it took forever to find. But here I am, just having finished the third installment of The Hunger Games. Very enjoyable series I gotta say. And damn! It can be brutal at times. For a YA novel there was a lot of terrible shit happening from start to finish. But isn’t that a staple of oppressive governments? So I have to give it kudos in that regards. Also, the love story really punched me in my gut. Just because how much bullshit there was in it. I hate that! Bullshit when you just want somebody to love. I’m gonna go over all of this in depth, while attempting to spoil the least I possibly can. But there will be [SPOILER ALERT]. So yeah, read it first if you don’t wanna get spoiled. You can do that in a few days.

So it’s all out war when you first start. The rebels vs the Capitol aka the state. It’s pretty much a revolution. I dig it. In a way, it’s relatable. I mean, the obvious comparison to make is to the Roman Empire. The Gladiatorial Games, right? But, that empire just crashed and burned and then the Dark Ages happened. In this world, there’s a revolution that can potentially prevent any kind of Dark Ages. So that’s a nice contrast—hope and justice prevailing in the end. Albeit a bloody and morally ambiguous type of hope and justice. But when things are that dire, do you really see yourself living up to your ideal of morality? If someone you loved is killed before your eyes, could you resist going after revenge? As much as I believe that revenge is beneath me, I can’t say I could. Anyway, I won’t spoil who dies, but a lot of the characters you’ll get to know and like are gonna get the chopping block.

So (like in the other books) the love that triangle going on this book really fucking annoyed me. If you’ve read the books from the start, you’ll know that it’s obvious Katniss and Peeta should end up together. That sounds like me being a Peetniss fanboy, but you can obviously tell if you read it. Then, in this book, things get muddled up. You start to think maybe it’s Gale that’ll end up with Katniss. And why? Because the Capitol twisted Peeta’s brain. Tortured him and used mind altering drugs and techniques to make him think Katniss was his enemy. He ends up attacking Katniss when he and her reunite.

Before they saved Peeta from the Capitol, she was so worried about him. It was the thing that agonized her the most. So to relieve her of this, they gathered up some folks to go on a crazy mission to save Peeta. They do this, and when they return and realize that Peeta is screwed up in the head, all of a sudden she gives up on him. She thinks there’s no saving him. That really bothered me. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest Katniss fan. Peeta, Beetee, and Finnick are the faves.

Maybe if they didn’t know the reason he was acting the way he was, I’d understand her hopelessness. But they knew exactly what was wrong, and like they always say, if there’s a will there’s a way. They end up going on a mission to kill Snow together (actually, she kinda creates that mission to get revenge and the rebel president sends Peeta as a “surprise”), and although he made a lot of strides to improve his state of mind, she never seemed to have too much hesitation when it come to killing him if he proved a risk. He ends up resisting the mind tricks really well, with only one breach where he attacked someone else. Only once though. That was expected, they flooded his mind with false memories and a misguided yet overpowering urge to kill the girl he loved. Later in the novel, as Katniss went to bite her sleeve where a powerful poison was located in order to kill herself, he throws his body in-between, preventing her from doing so. He pushed against his urge to see her dead to save her. That’s devotion. So yeah, the two end up together, have kids, blahdeblahdeblah happily ever after (well, besides all the death, torture and destruction).

The whole love story in Mockingjay annoyed me quite a bit. Because I relate to it. The way Peeta constantly changed in behavior because of unknown factors. Feeling like you screwed up, and that you deserve an arrow through your chest because of it. Hoping for another chance to prove who you really are. And yet, it’s all I really ever wanted, the love Katniss and Peeta achieve. They went through so much bullshit, especially Peeta, but in the end they had each other. I’ve gone through quite a bunch of bullshit too. The only thing is though, I’m not sure I’ll get to the other side. Maybe this kind of love isn’t meant for me. It tears me apart inside. But as of this moment, I still have faith in it. Dammit The Hunger Games, why you have to go and make me feel all these emotions?

Yeah, this ended up being mostly about the love story. Woops, sorry ’bout that. Really thought, all in all it’s a great end to the series. Could have been longer, but if it meant stretching out that annoying love story, no thanks. I give it my mark of recommendation.

What Makes You the Person You Are?

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Here’s Lizzie Velasquez’s take on what defines a person (very inspiring):

So what makes a person? What defines who you are right now?

I think everyone can agree that physically we’re all pretty much the same. The same cell organelles, the same cells, the same organs, the same blood. There’s some differences of course, which with the sense of sight can make two individuals look a whole lot different. And those physical differences can definitely influence how a person sees themselves; how it affects how they grow up, they’re culture, how they’re treated by the world. This can all influence what makes a person. But there’s a lot of things that influence a person: the friends they had and have in life, the art they’ve digested, the places they’ve been.

This is a question that goes to the deepest level. You’re not the sole proprietor of x (x being any…

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Sample from The Backwaters: Underwater Terrorism?

I thought this would be an interesting twist. How is Sean gonna find a way out of the border now? Here’s a sample, follow if you want to stay updated on my story The Backwaters!

I couldn’t help but wonder about the whole terrorism thing. I knew that refugees had tried several times to pass through our border. Usually smuggled in by one of our own citizens. Why would people want to bomb our city? Jealousy? That we’re living the highlife in the bottom of the sea? Plus, people were always scanned before they entered the city. Smuggling a bomb in was next to impossible. I had a feeling it had more to do with illegal crossings than threats of bombs. I kept all that to myself.

Love, the Craziest Emotion of Them All

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I learned a lot about Dante Alighieri in my senior year of high school when I did a paper on Inferno, the first part to his three part epic Divine Comedy. While writing this paper I learned about the role Beatrice Portinari had on his life and writings. His complete devotion to her really struck me at the time, and I’ve never forgotten it since.

Dante only met Beatrice twice. Yet she inspired him for the rest of his life. She guided Dante through Heaven in Divine Comedy and inspired his collection of poetry La Vita Nuova. Only twice! The first time when he was eight, at a party (I remember having a crush when I was young but not like this!); then nine years later as she passed by him on the street, saying hi. A hi led him to write some of the greatest literary…

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Sample from The Backwaters: Sean’s Dream

So here’s another sample. I’m about forty pages in, just so you have some idea of how far along I am. Follow if you want to stay updated!


I had a long dream. The kind where you have to remember some of it,  just ‘cause its so long. I was in a ship— it was about the size of our mini but looked like the sunken ship we’d found—cruising along in the ocean. Yeah, I didn’t have a problem being completely surrounded by water. Beside me was this girl I’d never met before. I couldn’t really see her features, her face was like a fog. Some part of me wondered if she was human. All I knew for sure was that she was a girl. There was hardly any room to move around, but we didn’t care.

We were in search of some lost treasure, using a map that displayed on the ship’s HUD. A lot of crazy things happened along the way; we narrowly avoided becoming a shark’s lunch, dodged torpedo attacks from German U-boats, and even battled undead sailors that rose from the ocean’s floor. After we finished taking care of the undead, I checked the HUD, and it showed we were nearing our mark. But then, after all that craziness, the girl asked me if I wanted to hear a song, and I said sure. In the dream, I already knew I loved the sound of her voice. She moved her lips, and I heard the first beautiful note. Then I woke up.